Avionics V1: Where Modern Technology Meets Retro Style


Avionics V1 is an e-bike with a groundbreaking 30s design that combines the benefits of today’s technology with the unparalleled style of an earlier era. Presented and supported in Indiegogo, this hand-made electric bike has already won the hearts of crowdfunding supporters with its looks.

Following the same design mentality that prevailed in the 30s and 40s, the team behind the Avionics V1 tried to make the bike beautiful, functional, and everlasting. The style is certainly lending elements from aviation design, hence the name, while the materials used add a special tone to the overall result. The aerodynamic frame is made out of Chromium-Molybdenum steel known for its corrosion resistance and amazing strength, while the saddle, handgrips and other small elements were made from Jatoba wood that comes from a rainforest tree that is known for its anti-fungal and non-rotting properties. Beautiful, check, everlasting, the main part materials look promising to that as well, but what about functional?

The brush-less electric motor that moves the V1 has a maximum power output of 5000 Watt, a torque of 125 Nm that is more than enough to climb even the steepest of hills, and a top speed of 58 km/h (36 m/h). When operating at normal street mode conditions, the V1 can reach a maximum range of up to 120 km (75 miles) which is pretty good really. This is achieved through the use of top notch equipment and parts like the sophisticated sine-wave motor controller that delivers highly efficient regenerative braking features in combination with the 24 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, as well as noiseless and energy saving operation.

Safety is another important concern with any kind of transportation vehicle, and while the V1 is officially considered a bicycle and not a motorcycle (and thus you don’t need a driver’s license for it), it comes with all the things needed to keep you safe on the road. These include the powerful 203 mm disk brakes on both wheels, a chrome plated headlight that outputs 1000 lumens on the front, and a bright LED light on the rear that outputs 15 lumens so that others can see you. In addition to these, the Avionics V1 is waterproof so you can take it out while it is raining with no problem, an immobilizer that is activated with your key, and a rear wheel electric blockade anti-theft system.

Right now, the Avionics team is offering 1 year of warranty to all mechanical elements, promise that the premium class industrial grade Li-ion battery will remain largely unaffected for up to 1000 charges, a point when they predict an approximate loss of capacity of 10-20% and estimate the first shipments to begin in May 2018. The first batch of production will yield 60 bikes, and from then on the team is planning to build 10 per month. The final retail price will be $9480, so if you want to save 35% now you can support the effort on Indiegogo for another full month by buying the early bird perk.

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