Sustainable Camping With TigerMoth


For those of you who live in the northern hemisphere these are the days of your Summer dash, and what would be better than using a sustainable camper trailer like the TigerMoth for your trips? Here at FastStuff, we like it when things are energy efficient and “green”, so the TigerMoth caught our attention not only for being relatively comfortable and smart in many ways, but also because it allows you to stay for up to seven days off the grid thanks to its ability to be charged while being towed, and also thanks to its optional integrated solar panels that can further increase the level of comfort in the trailer.

The TigerMoth is the latest model of Taxa Outdoors, a Houston-based manufacturer of high-quality and specialized recreational campers and trailers. TigerMoth was designed specifically to be very energy-efficient while offering all the comforts of having electricity like interior and exterior lighting fixtures, 12-volt outlets, USB charging ports, and an exterior 120-volt shore power outlet. If solar panels are also selected, you will enjoy solar shower hot water as well.

From a technical perspective, the TigerMoth is really very advanced. It uses a laser-cut aluminum skeleton and a Kynar-painted UV treated aluminum composite on the exterior for maximum durability at a very low total mass. The total unloaded weight of the TigerMoth is just 410 kg (910 lbs) and combined with its aerodynamic design it results in a trailer that is easy to tow and won’t cost a whole lot of fuel to do so. Considering that the TigerMoth’s battery pack is charged while being towed, the fuel spent acquires additional value.

Of course, when having battery packs and integrated kitchen cookers with gas combined, you need to have a high level of safety. Taxa Outdoors engineers have achieved this safety by implementing a CO and a smoke detector, and by also including a fire extinguisher in the standard equipment. Besides the safety, the TigerMoth is really rugged and ready to hit the outdoors. It boasts a Powder-coated steel chassis frame, marine-grade cushions and marine laminated plywood floor, a 30 cm (12 inches) clearance from the ground, and a vibration rating of MilSpec 810G that is generally only found on military purpose trailers.

OK, the TigerMoth isn’t the largest and most comfortable trailer ever, but considering its energy efficiency and manufacturing quality, this can serve as a perfectly versatile little camping trailer that is easy to tow and stabilize into place in a couple of minutes. Depending on the selection of version (trail or camper) optional extra equipment as well as the dealer, the TigerMoth price starts from $15k and can go up to $20k. If you want to see more of the TigerMoth, one of Taxa’s engineers showcases the trailer’s capabilities in the following video.

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