Bolt Drones Brings FPV Experience to the Masses


Bolt Drones is a new project aimed at bringing an affordable set of equipment in the FPV drone flying and racing market. Simply put, to enjoy even a basic First Person View flight experience with a drone, you will need somewhere between five and fifteen hundred thousand of US dollars, at least some level of assembly and soldering skill, and at least a basic level of programming. Bolt Drones is taking all of these adverse factors away, plus it offers all the required parts (drone with HD camera, goggles, radio controller) at the early bird price of just $150! Obviously, this amazing price has made a lot of FPV pilot enthusiasts out there drool, and this is perfectly well reflected on the fact that the Bolt Drones Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its goal with more than a month still left to go.

The drone offers three ways to fly it. The first is the standard “line of sight” flight where you can get a first feel of the Bolt and how it moves around. The second choice is to pop the screen onto the controller and receive the live HD┬ávideo that is broadcasted there so you can maneuver the drone accordingly. The third is of course the first person which you can enjoy by wearing the included goggles on your head. This will take you on a trip to a whole new experience as FPV flight offers an unprecedented level of immersion that is the main case with the Bolt. The FPV will help you enjoy drone racing for the first time, or simply make you feel like you are really sitting in the pilot’s seat, touring around the area from a perspective that you never experienced before.

At this point, I should present a couple of technical features so as you may understand better what the Bolt can do for you, or better, what you can do with it. The top speed is 30 mph or 48 km/h which is quite good for racing purposes. Going at this pace, the 1000 mAh battery will last for about 15 minutes while sending HD video (720p) to the 5.8 GHz goggles. The durability of the body that weighs 0.5 lbs (227 gr) in total is ensured by the use of carbon fiber as the primary┬ámaterial, so you won’t have to worry even for the roughest landings or high-speed hits. Finally, the powerful brushed motors are powerful, reliable, and also relatively silent, so you can seamlessly enjoy the FPV experience without much background noise.

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