DJI Has Released The Entry Level Spark Drone


This has been a “drones” month here at FastStuff, but the news on this front have not allowed us to turn our back to the exciting developments that unfolded recently. The latest act has been the release of a new entry-level drone by the world’s leader in civilian drone industry that is DJI. The Chinese colossus is renown for its high quality and innovative products like the Phantom and the Mavic drones, both of which are geared towards professionals. This time tough, they have turned their focus on the people who are simply enthusiasts and just want to enter the world of drone flying by using something that boasts a comparable level of advanced technology and quality as their highest rated models. This new drone is called the “Spark”, and here’s why it is important in the world of drone products…


The flight performance of this little drone is really impressive, combining low mass with an aerodynamic design and powerful propulsion system to reach a top speed of up to 50 kph (31 mph). Considering that you can also enjoy the flight from a first person view, the experience will be amazing. At these speeds, the drone will fly for about 16 mins until its automatic power control system will bring it back to you. The maximum distance of transmission is 2 kilometers, and you also don’t have to worry about obstacles and navigating around them as Spark can detect them on its own from a distance of 5 meters.

Camera and Shooting Modes

The incorporated camera found on the Spark is a 12 MP one comprised of five elements and a large 1/2.3″ sensor able to capture 720p video at 30 fps. The mechanical gimbal stabilizer ensures shake-free shots, and it also allows for the camera to point to multiple points such as downwards. The drone can trace you through its camera, follow you from a preset perspective, and identify special control gestures that can signify when to shoot and what to frame. Spark’s vision positioning system is combined with a GPS sensor and the powerful computing of the 24 core CPU to take off and hover in relation to our face with ultimate precision, shoot panoramas, or create a “shallow focus” effect.

Build Quality and Price

Spark is generally an ultra durable and powerful drone that can fit in your bag without adding much weight. The propellers can be folded so it becomes even more compact. It is not waterproof, and you should not use it in misty areas, during snowfall, rainfall, and in high humidity areas. However, you may fly it at winds that reach speeds of up to 28 kph (18mph), which is indicative of this drone’s sheer power. The quality of the materials is top notch, as is the quality of the LiPo battery, the goggles, and the controller. DJI sells the Spark for six hundred Euros with tax and shipping included. This price range brings it to the “serious entry level” category, meaning that you’ll get something that is gonna last and perform very well for many years of use.

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