Kudrone is a Cheap 4K Follower


Kudrone is not your average drone and that goes for both its abilities and for its price. This little blast has amazed the world with what it can do at a cost of around a hundred US dollars, so the corresponding Indiegogo campaign has already reached 800% over the initial goal. So, I gave you the price right away, but what can Kudrone do that makes it so unique in a world full of amazing drone products? First of all, and as the title of this post suggests it can capture 4k video and photos. Secondly, it can auto-follow you by using the GPS sensor of your smartphone. Thirdly, it is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

In addition to┬áthese three elements that are enough on their own to justify the price of the Kudrone, this amazing little flyer boasts the capacity to hover with precision thanks to its vision positioning sensors as well as its sonar system that combines with the accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope to allow Kudrone to hover with great precision. Weighing just 80 grams with the 650 mAh battery included, the Kudrone can fly for a period of 8 minutes. If that isn’t enough for you, Kudrone has you covered with an additional battery that is given for free with the drone and can be interchanged so you can keep on going. The charger can hold up to three additional batteries so you never run out of juice.

Using and controlling the Kudrone from your Android or iOS smartphone is a piece of cake really. You just download the app, set the capturing option and either fly the drone on your own from your phone’s screen or set it to “auto-follow” mode. The drone will sync automatically with your device, sending the captured images and video to its storage, while it can also live stream the capturing as well. The maximum distance that the drone can reach away from your smartphone device is 80 meters, while the maximum altitude is 30 meters.

The Kudrone pack contains the drone, the propeller protector, 2 batteries of 650 mAh each so you can interchange them, 2 sets of propellers so you can replace a couple of damaged ones, and a 16GB micro SD card that serves as the drone’s internal storage. If this space isn’t enough to hold your high definition media, Kudrone supports SD cards of up to 64GB of size. The China-based team who developed the Kudrone has already completed their 1000-unit production and field testing, and the first orders are expected to be shipped on the upcoming July. The Kudrone is sold with a 12-month warranty, and an online store with spare parts for it will be made available soon.

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