Gameband is a Gaming Smartwatch!


Gameband is a new smartwatch that wants to be the first one that isn’t a boring piece of novelty that will let you know where the north is or help you set the timer for your smartphone camera. Gameband was created for those who want to have some fun with the smartwatch that they carry on their wrist, so it was built with a focus on what really matters to gamers. This of course can’t be anything else other than a really powerful processor, a high-resolution display, a big enough battery to keep you going for long, and a simple to use yet powerful operating system.

The specifications include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 that is the most powerful CPU that you can find inside a smartwatch, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of ROM, an 1.6-inches AMOLED display of a 320×320 resolution, a WiFi and a Bluetooth 4.2 module for connectivity, a 400mAh battery that charges via a USB-C port, a 3-axis accelerometer, a gyro sensor, and finally a light sensor. That’s all there is to it, and all that the Gameband engineers believe is necessary for a smartwatch to be able to deliver real amusement to its user. The result of having fewer components that the usually crammed products of the competitors is a price of $199 that puts it at around half the price of Samsung Gear S3, Apple Watch, and LG Watch. In addition to the price, the Gameband is thinner and narrower than all of the aforementioned watches, and yet it boasts a larger screen.

So, the numbers look good, but what about the gaming aspect? You may be thinking that characterizing a smartwatch as “gaming” is somewhat ridiculous but in this case, it really isn’t. Gameband allows you to load a bunch of retro games into its microSD card and have fun right on the 1.6-inch screen. The procedure of loading games into the SD card is as simple as connecting the Gameband into a laptop and installing them through an easy to use app market called “PixelFurnance”. For now, Gameband has partnered with Atari and Terraria who have rewritten classics like Pong, Breakout, and Asteroids to work well on the 1.6″ touchscreen, while the company offers special editions with colors and straps that match your game preference. As the Kickstarter campaign meets more crowdfunding goals, the team will add more minigames as well as more lucrative features such as Gorilla Glass.

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