Jelly Pro is a Powerhouse That Can Fit In Your Coin Pocket


In the past few years, smartphones have become much stronger in terms of processing power and internal memory storage, be it ROM or RAM. However, this progress hasn’t been combined with any kind of portability improvements as folding screens and the like are still stuck on the lab development stage. The result is having otherwise comfortable screen sizes that raise the total size of the smartphones to the point that they don’t fit our pockets anymore. Sure, most people love a big screen, but for those who prefer something smaller the choices were under-powered and obsolete. Enter Jelly Pro, a smartphone that tries to fill this gap by being modern and powerful while being small enough to fit in your coin pocket. Judging from the response that their creators have received from the Indiegogo supporters (4200% funded), that market gap was quite large and left unfulfilled for long.

The size of Jelly’s screen is at 2.45 inches which is on the “adequate” side of things, allowing the creators of this unique smartphone to fit everything onto a body that measures 92.3 x 43 x 13.3 mm and weighs only 60.4 grams. So, what did the Jelly engineers managed to fit inside this little phone? Starting from the processor, it boasts a quad-core 1.1 GHz CPU which collaborates with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. There are two cameras of 8 Mpixels on the back and 2 Mpixels on the front, a GPS sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi modules, an accelerometer, a gyroscope sensor, and a compass sensor. Finally, the battery is of a 950 mAh of size which promises three days of usage and seven days of standby time, and there is also the capacity to install two SIM cards in the device and of course you will also find a microSD card slot that can take cards that go up to 256 GB. The phone supports 4G LTE network protocol speeds and runs Android 7.0 Nougat so you get the picture of a fully featured mini phone that will never let you down in terms of usability.

The creators of Jelly have envisioned various use cases and purposes for their product, with the primary being a sports tracker. For this reason, they have developed a custom arm band that will help you mount the smartphone during your workout runs. Other than that, Jelly may serve you in a wide range of use cases where size, weight, and battery life time matters. Jelly’s developers also mention the role of a backup phone, and while this is completely valid and true, I would say that it somehow understates Jelly’s power and unique combination of features. Jelly is scheduled to start shipping this August and the price for the Pro is only $95, or $105 with the armband.

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