What Tech to Expect in 2017


This year was a great year for technology, and 2017 is going to be even better. What you should be expecting is companies braking free from their “upgrade” mentality that they conservatively followed in 2016 and bring new and amazing products that will truly bring something fresh to the consumer’s table. Here is a short list containing our predictions about what you are probably going to be seeing in 2017.

Bezeless Smartphones

2016 was a boring year for smartphones and tablets. Reviewers focused on minor APU upgrades that brought more benchmark points but added almost nothing of real value to the day to day usage experience. In 2017 though, we are hopefully going to see design breakthroughs like beze-less designs. Xiaomi did the start this October with their MiMix, and rumors have it that Samsung’s next Galaxy is going to be completely bezeless. All manufacturers are bound to follow this trend sooner or later in 2017, at least for their higher end models.


4k Content

While we’ve had 4k monitors and TV for quite a while now, there wasn’t actually a plethora of media that supported this resolution. 2017 is gonna be the year when most of online content and movies are going to be recorded in 4k. This means that more TV models, as well as smartphones are going to be equipped with screens able to push 3840×2160 pixels.


Solar and Wind Power Parks

The world’s energy production industry is turning to green solutions and 2017 is hopefully going to be the year when the most solar and wind parks are commissioned. China which is having the largest air pollution problems is planning to install huge numbers of locally-manufactured PVs, Tesla is planning to continue implementing larger scale projects now that the merger with SolarCity is done, France and Germany are gradually shutting down their nuclear plants replacing them with PV and wind parks, and even Dubai is planning a 200 MW solar park for this year.


Augmented Reality will Return

The Google Glass may have failed back in 2012, but the reason was that the world wasn’t quite ready for it. The augmented reality glasses will now return for another go with Microsoft leading the effort with their HoloLens headgear, and various other manufacturers of similar products also joining in.


Self-Driving Cars

While we can’t buy autonomous vehicles and legally use them on public roads anywhere in the world just yet, 2017 will be the year of their initial establishment. Uber is already using them in Pittsburgh, and in 2017 they will add more self-driven vehicles in Arizona. On the other hand, 2017 will be the year when virtually all car manufacturers will make some kind of collaboration deal towards this direction.


Gaming Consoles

If you’re a console fan, 2017 is going to be the most exciting year of the last decade. XBox and Playstation are focusing on VR systems taking gaming to the next level, so expect multiple new game titles on this front during 2017. Moreover, this will be the year when the new Playstation will be released, and also Nintendo’s amazing Switch hybrid console.


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