Three Great GoPro Alternatives That Will Blow Your Mind But Not Your Pocket


We all agree that GoPro is the best action camera out there right now, combining the most desirable features in a compact and resilient body, great capturing quality and innovative voice commands. However, the price of the fifth version really lives up to the name of the product as you’ll have to “go pro” in order to justify the expense for such an action camera. Fear not though as I’ll present you three great alternatives that cost a fraction of the popular action cam but perform equally well.

Polaroid Cube

The Polaroid Cube is one tiny badass action cam that costs around a hundred US dollars (and even less in selected online stores). It is small enough to fit anywhere, and it can capture video of HD or full HD quality at 30 fps for a max of 90 minutes. The field of view isn’t bad at 124 degrees which is comparable to the third version of the Go Pro that is still sold at thrice the price of a Polaroid Cube. The waterproof case that is sold separately won’t make the camera much larger, while it will let you safely reach a depth of about 10 meters that covers most enthusiasts out there. Compare Polaroid Cube vs GoPro Hero5 Black


If you absolutely need an LCD screen on the back of the action cam, then you can forget the Cube and consider the ViDi at the same price of around $100. The ViDi is also capturing full HD (1080p) video at 30 fps, has a battery that also lasts 90 minutes, it floats in water, it has a high-performance built-in microphone, it covers a 140 degrees field of view, and has an active image stabilization system. Included by default, is a 4GB micro SD to store your photos and videos. The LCD diagonal may only be 1.5 inches long, but this is more than enough for you to tell what exactly you are capturing. ViDi has amazed the crowdfunding community with its low price and features, so it was funded by 600% almost a year ago in Indiegogo.

Xiaomi YI 2

Want to step up your game even further and match the resolution levels offered by the latest Go Pro? One of the best and cheapest ways to do that is by buying Xiaomi’s YI 2 4K action camera that captures 4K at 30 fps, full HD in 120 fps, and HD at 240 fps for slow motion videos. The price is of course higher than my previous two suggestions, at around $200, but still much lower than what you’ll need for the Go Pro 5. The camera uses top quality components like an Ambarella A9SE75 chipset, a Sony lens set consisting of seven individual elements, a 2.19 inches display with a resolution of 640×360, and a 1400 mAh battery that is large enough to allow you a continuous capturing of 2 hours.

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