Peeple – peep hole camera


One of the hot IoT startups that were featured on TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield was Peeple. It’s basically a hardware device that connects to the inside of your door, covering the peep hole. It then records a picture of every person that knocks or opens the door. That information is sent, via Wifi, to you via push notification with a news feed formatting.


How does it work behind the scenes? The device is quite simple. It’s basically  a small device that you attach to inside of your door right in front of your existing peephole. It has a camera, an accelerometer, a battery and a Wi-Fi chipset.

The Peeple only activates when triggered by a knock or door open. It then wakes up, takes a picture, turns on Wifi and sends the data to the cloud. This keeps the battery life up which only makes you charge once in every 6 months.


Peeple is currently crowdfunding on KickStarter.

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