Braeön is a Miracle on a Ribbon


Braeön is a new type of a polymer material that is light, strong, compact, and malleable. It is not every day that we see new materials combine all these properties and being relatively cheap (about $3 per meter of tape/ribbon), so this is something exciting. This excitement is also shared by hundreds of people out there as Braeön has already surplussed its Kickstarter goal by 25% already and it still has over a month left before the end of its crowdfunding campaign. So, what it is that so many people find great about this pioneering new material that makes it so unique and wanted? Let’s see…

  • Braeön is easy to form into any shape, mold, form, as long as it is heated. Heating it is very simple as you can do it with a hair dryer or moderately hot water, so no high temperatures are required. As the material cools down in just a few minutes, its molecular structure is solidly bonded again so it forms one integral part of perfect micro-structural conformity. Moreover, it can be reheated and reformed as required.
  • Braeön is tested to have a maximum tensile strength of 2000 lbs or about 900 kg! We’re talking about a single strap of the tape here, so this number is not only impressive but very close to the actual tensile strength of cast iron or a human bone!
  • It is light and compact, so you can carry it around in your case or backpack without thinking about it. The standard 20-feet/6.1 meter roll weighs 0.2 pounds/90 kilograms.
  • It is essentially waterproof as moisture cannot permeate its base materials.
  • Thanks to a chemical layer that is formed on the surface of the material, it can grip paint pigments, or simply put it’s paintable.
  • Not only can it withstand cold temperatures, but it gets stronger as this drops.

It is obvious from the above that Braeön can be utilized in countless situations, and be useful in multiple of cases. For example, it can easily help in various boating needs where high humidity is an issue, it can replace broken link chains or serve as an off-roading towing belt in cold weather conditions, it can help DIY enthusiasts realize their creations and add amazing strength to them, and a whole lot of sports such as archery, hockey, hiking, etc. Braeön can also be used to form a rivet a handle grip, a knife case, and whatever else your imagination can produce.

The only thing that I can’t say for sure is how well all of the aforementioned properties are maintained in summer conditions. I suppose that if you’re living in a relatively hot country, Braeön wouldn’t be the most reliable option for you. If however you live in the North, or you reckon that you have wintertime uses for this ribbon, then you should go ahead and pre-order one. It is definitely one amazing piece of tape that can save the day.

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