Pirelli Unveiled their “Connesso” Smart Tyre Project


During the latest 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Pirelli has amazed the crows with their new Connesso tyre that is practically a “smart” tire. Simply put, this tire utilizes a set of sensors and data transmission elements to send key info to the driver’s smartphone. The data includes the tire pressure, the tire temperature, and even the remaining threading! The data transmission is done in real time, so you can receive alerts about changing conditions while you are driving your car down the road and not only when stationary like the existing pressure monitoring systems.

The Connesso though isn’t just about sending data to your smartphone, but also about helping you deal with the arisen problems shortly. Once a tire pressure is lower than the safe limits for example, the Connesso sends an alert to the client and offers the possibility to automatically call for a tire service technician. If the driver accepts, the Connesso system receives the GPS location from the driver’s device and sends a message to the nearest workshop through Pirelli’s dedicated cloud that the driver has access to through the official app. A technician then visits and repairs the tire, even if the driver isn’t even on the spot. Other features include aquaplaning risk alerts when the thread is at a low level combined with rain weather reports that set an individual threshold for each tire connected through the cloud.

The Connesso system will debut in the United States and during this summer, while the drivers will have the option of either the P Zero or the Winter Sottozero tire models and only at dimensions that go from 19 inches and above. After a short first period of testing the online services in the US, Pirelli will offer the Connesso on major markets of Europe and the Middle East.

It is worth to note at this point that while Pirelli is the first to launch a real “smart tire” project in the market, they are not the first in the field to have envisioned this. For example, we already wrote about Goodyear’s IntelliGrip quite a while back, and there are also Continental’s tentative projects that involve sensors and smartphone apps. Now that Pirelli made the leap into the market with the Connesso, other tire manufacturers are bound to follow. Soon, having smart tires on certain applications like autonomous cars for example will be a mandatory requirements and an indispensable part of the car’s systems.

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