Beats Solo by Dre Headphones Review


Beats, the trendy headphone company that was snatched by Apple for a cool $3.2B, is all the talk today. The headphones manufactured by the company, called Beats are more trendy than quality. But product quality aside, the branding is strong and a suitable subsidiary for Apple.

But we’re not here for business, so let’s get down to business and talk about these headphones. Today we’ll be reviewing a pair of Beats Solo that I’ve been using for around a year. Ready? Beats Solo by Dre Headphones Review – here we go!

Design – yes they are beautiful

Ahh, product design at it’s best. The Beats Solo looks amazing. From it’s smooth curves exterior to bold and “making a statement” color options, these headphones are head-turners.

Beat Solo Headphones ImageThe Beat Solo comes in various colors, ranging from sky blue to bright pink.

Beat Solo Headphones ImageDurability – please don’t brake!

So after using the Beat headphones daily for the past year or so, I have seen how they handle their own (disclaimer: I always kept the headphones in their jacket cover when not using) On the exterior part, there are no noticeable scratches or signs of usage.

The original color is slowly starting to warp on parts of the headphones, mostly the audio cord running out of it. I guess this is to be expected of a plastic covered product that’s handled a lot.

The headphones feel pretty durable, after around a year of use, which includes occasional drops and being stuffed in various backpacks. Sounds quality is still great as day one.

Beat Solo FoldedSound Quality – do you like the sound of that?

The first time I used them at the store I was delighted at the sound quality. Needless to say, I am not in the music industry and my standards of “good” may be different than professionals. The music quality is good, but probably won’t say the best out there for this price range. But definitely above average and suitable for the common folk.

Comfort – a bit warm

Wearing the headphones are fun. They fit snug over the ears and don’t easily fall off while doing activities. That said, like other high-end headphones, have a tendency to hear your ears pretty good. Wearing them for a few hours at a time is a challenge. Doing any type of sport activities where you get warm is not ideal. Perfect for listening to music or working in a A/C environment (office).

Price – that ain’t cheap

The Beats Solo aren’t cheap. At the time of purchase they were going for around $200 USD. At time of writing (July 2015) they are $150 on Amazon. The price of the unit is heavily weighted on the “sexy” brand that Beat has, and less the actual quality of the headphones.


Great headphones for the average consumer. If you’re more sophisticated or a music junkie, better off adding a few more bucks and getting something truly high-end.



Great headphones for the average consumer. If you're more sophisticated or a music junkie, better off adding a few more bucks and getting something truly high-end.

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Price

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