Pillo Robot Takes Care of You and Your Family


Pillo robot is yet another artificial intelligence product launched on the Indiegogo platform with good success so far. It is one more example of how robots can help people live their daily lives as it is solely dedicated to the well-being of the members of a family. Pillo is marketed as a personal home health robot that undertakes the critical tasks of reminding you about your medication, arranging the supply of pills, and notifying other members of the family when one is in potential danger.

What is Pillo?

Pillo is a standalone device featuring a circular 7-inch touch screen display, a high-definition camera that can help with face detection, two omnidirectional microphones that help with voice detection, and an eight-core ARM processor that runs the latest version of the Android OS. Moreover, Pillo has a WiFi and a Bluetooth 4.1 module for wireless connectivity, a battery that can last to up to six hours in case of a power outage, and a set of speakers for interaction through an advanced text-to-voice system. Pillo also boasts a set of sensors that help with the inner control like the pill dispensing sensor, the tamper proofing sensor, and a light sensor for the automatic adjustment of display and camera brightness.


What can Pillo do?

  • By recognizing your face and voice, Pillo uses different data to evaluate your personal healthcare needs and give you unique medical advice.
  • Pillo manages your medication by automatically serving you the right portions, ordering pills when it runs out, and inviting you to take them on time. The device can hold up to 250 medium-sized pills. This helps keep up with even the most complex pill medication programs, and can serve a whole family with individuals of different needs.
  • Pillo can connect you with your doctor remotely for an advisory video conference. This requires an internet connection of course.
  • Pillo can sync with your sport trackers and monitor your progress as well as assess your rising needs.
  • Pillo can actually answer questions such as: “how many calories are in a carrot” or “how many calories I burn by walking for 20 minutes?”. This presumes that Pillo is connected to the internet via WiFi as it needs to access a large database or reliable medical information in order to answer your questions.


Things that the team is promising for the future include:

  • Calories consumption and intake management.
  • Stress management.
  • Digital health reports.
  • Baby monitor.
  • Nutritional dashboard.
  • Mobility and fall detection.

The first Pillos will reach the crowdfunding supporters around the next Summer so we’re still not quite there yet, but the first functionality signs of the prototype are very encouraging. The early bird which is still available at the time of writing this costs around $270 with the final price for Pillo forming at around $420. Pillo is a brilliant example of what level of home automation can be achieved with today’s technology, and how much better our lives can get if we perch our most complex needs upon artificial intelligence devices.

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